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About 24x7track

About 24x7track

The freight transportation industry is undergoing revolutionary change. Customers' needs and expectations are changing. The growth of just-in-time and quick-response inventory man-agement and third-party logistics requires all participants in the supply chain to recognise shorter cycle times and create a competitive advantage.

Manufacturers, warehouses, distributors and retailers all use information technology to reduce cycle times and improve the quality of their operation. Increasingly, hauliers are adopting technology solutions to develop information systems to provide on-line, real-time data on the movement of freight through their systems, streamlining their operations and improving customer service.

The next step in this drive for transport efficiency is for fleet managers to instigate technology solutions that effectively track and monitor the day to day, hour by hour operation of their most significant asset - their vehicle fleet. To have information on the what, where, when and how - as it happens - not days or even weeks after the event. Information that could help you make your fleet more effective.

If you knew in real-time the precise location of every vehicle in your fleet, the actual time it made its last delivery or collection, exactly what it was carrying and the status of its load: what business improvements could you make? You could reduce store turnaround time, improve vehicle and trailer utilisation, match customer time windows, eliminate aborted deliveries, or monitor and control temperature sensitive loads.

If you had real-time information on driver performance, fuel usage, routes taken or hours worked coupled with detailed road traffic information: how effectively could you optimise driver and vehicle management? You could reduce miles travelled, improve fuel economy, reduce shrinkage, improve productivity and monitor delay trends.

All of these benefits come from the application of a new technology solution for the transport industry. A solution, built on 24x7track's continued position at the forefront of technology innovation. This means we offer innovative solutions from the foundation of technology and industry competence. Solutions focussed on your data management challenges, solutions that are based on tried, tested and proven expertise.

We offer a systems architecture that provides a backbone for real-time data capture, communications and vehicle location, designed to help you track and monitor your vehicle resources, on the road. The system enables the automatic transmission of instructions and data to and from the vehicle cab, giving you the vital information you need, in real-time, for the first time. Vehicle Location information using GPS (Global Positioning System), driver and vehicle performance data, the ability to monitor load status and electronic routing all at your fingertips - in real-time. Other benefits include in-cab communication for unscheduled collections, on-line engine management information, cost savings in administration plus added security and lower insurance costs.

Designed to be multi-user, multi-depot and multi-location; able to operate across multiple contracts and provide multi-company analysis the system enables you to take fleet management up to a higher level. Using industry standard protocols and fully integratable with existing corporate systems our products bring you the true business advantages of effective real-time fleet control. We have combined technology advances and industry expertise to create for the first time a workable solution that delivers tangible competitive advantage.

The application of appropriate information technology throughout the supply chain results in shortened cycle times, improved customer service, reduced costs and lowered effort. Immediate, reliable transport information will allow you to optimise the vehicle and human resources of your business, providing immediate economic benefits, improving customer service levels and enhancing your strategic position.

Provider of solutions and services that maximize your mobile assets

Supported by a unique platform that combines a variety of established technologies from Global Positioning System (GPS) and wireless communication to digital mapping and hosted as well as mobile applications, 24x7track delivers secure, proven, scalable, comprehensive and user friendly products and solutions that enables you to derive benefits mentioned below

As name suggests, you can track your vehicle/mobile assets 24x7 on our website

Data containing various reports along with vehicle location on Map can be derived from the portal

We respect privacy of our esteemed clients, unique Login ID & Password enables to maintain that privacy

Using signals received from orbiting GPS satellites, the GPS receiver is able to determine it's location to an accuracy of 10 metres. The tracking device sends this location information via the GPRS network to 24x7track's server. 24x7track further displays the information and location of the vehicle on its web portal via various reports & alerts and also on the map.

Users can track their mobile resources, simply by logging into the member's section of the, with their unique Username and password.

The data provided is highly reliable and scalable. Our powerful infrastructure can support millions of users simultaneously without compromising performance. We offer robust nationwide wireless coverage through tie-ups with major wireless networks.


Track & monitor your vehicle on online street level maps employing multiple zoom levels.



We chose 24x7track because they are Industry expertise. We wanted to ensure we chose a provider that understood the complexities of our business. 24x7track knowledge …

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