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Save Fuel, Save Earth

Save Fuel, Save Earth

Our Aim is help reduce fuel usage by 10 % by using 24x7track Save Fuel-Save Earth Campaign to improve your operations with environmentally friendly practices and benefit from reduced fuel consumption, improved public image and higher workforce morale.

Besides these straight forward benefits, companies are facing increasing governmental pressure to control and reduce pollutant emissions, especially Green House Gases. In light of such developments, addressing the environmental issues is becoming a reality for most businesses using vehicle fleets.

How does it work?

Save Fuel-Save Earth Campaign's advanced 24x7track, Mobile Assets Management technology. Utilizing various 24x7track solutions and applications, helps to preserve the environment through:

Optimized routes

Optimizing routes is an important step in reducing the fuel consumption since driving less means consuming less fuel, reducing the wear and tear on vehicle components and decreasing the probability of traffic accidents resulting in less potential damage to the environment. By employing 24x7track's route optimization capabilities, it is possible to reduce pollution and thus contribute to environment preservation.

Minimized idling

Idling burns 5% of all fuel. Nearly a billion tons of diesel fuel per year is wasted on engine idling. Considering these facts, any reductions in engine idling represent a big step towards environment preservation. Less idling means less fuel consumed which, in turn, means less pollutants released into the air. Service provides the means to detect and prevent excessive idling, thus making your business more environmentally friendly.

Reduced non-revenue mileage

Non-revenue miles can account for up to 10% of total mileage. Therefore, reducing the number of empty hauls has a positive effect on the environment, since less time spent on the road reduces the amount of pollution caused by vehicles. Additionally, reducing non-revenue mileage decreases the likelihood of traffic accidents and prolongs the vehicle's lifetime. With 24x7track Service, it is possible to plan your transportation operations and schedule routes that minimize non-revenue mileage.

Optimized fleet size and mix

Ideally, fleet size and vehicle type composition should allow the company to keep up with customer requirements and operate simultaneously in a financially and environmentally friendly way. Older vehicles typically have higher fuel consumption levels and therefore pollute more. Replacing these vehicles with new models capable of using alternative fuel types is something every company should consider. 24x7track Service provides the tools to determine the break-even point at which maintenance costs and pollutant emissions reach a certain value where it is more sensible to replace the vehicle with a new, cleaner one.

Reduced fuel consumption

24x7track Service enables you to utilize all the means at your disposal for reducing the fuel consumption and consequentially preserving the environment. From optimizing routes, fleet size and composition, decreasing idling and non-revenue miles, to improving the quality of maintenance and driving styles, 24x7track Service enables you to turn your business into an environmentally friendly one.

Improved vehicle maintenance

There are several ways in which vehicles pollute the environment besides exhaust gas emissions. From various fluid leaks to improper vehicle disposal, owning, operating and disposing of vehicles represents a certain kind of environmental responsibility for the company. Well-maintained vehicles can operate longer, pollute less and have a lower probability of malfunctioning during operation, which can have grave consequences for the environment in cases of dangerous or toxic cargos.

Improved driving styles

Excessive accelerating, braking and inconsiderate driving puts an unnecessary strain on the engine, raising the fuel consumption and increasing the probability of traffic accidents. Addressing this issue leads to lower fuel consumption, better vehicle reliability and greater safety on the road, all of which have significant environmental implications. 24x7track Service provides the means to analyze and correct the driving styles of your drivers.


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